🐔 + Chopping = Sweet and Sour Chicken
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🐔 + Chopping = Sweet and Sour Chicken

Lots of change this week:

  • We moved Fancy Mouth to a new platform on Ghost. Why? It's open-source, and allows me to share exclusive content with subscribers...like you.  
  • Our Instagram has some amazing recipes you should check out
  • My family just increased by 1.  So much fun (and very little sleep). Can't wait for our little person to eat fancy as f**k

As such, today's Fancy Mouth edition is going to be short and sweet.  

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and sour chicken is one of the best things about Chinese take-out. I'd use chicken thighs over chicken breast for this recipe. Yes it's less "healthy" but you gotta eat fancy, no?

No Bake Mango Cheese Cake

Sometimes it's hot and you don't want to bake a cheese cake. This mango version will do the trick.  If you don't eat gelatin, substitute with agar-agar (about 1 Tablespoon of agar-agar = 1 teaspoon of gelatin).

Taiwanese Pork & Rice Rolls

Woo Can Cook does it again with these awesome Pork and Rice rolls.