Socca Fish Tacos for Dinner 🌮
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Socca Fish Tacos for Dinner 🌮


Socca Fish Tacos

I love socca. If you've never had it, it's a mix between a crepe and tortilla but with WAY more flavor (because of the chickpea flour...but it doesn't taste like hummus...). It's popular around the Mediterranean and healthy for you. There was a pizza shop I used to go to that made interesting pies with socca--they may have been ahead of their time. I know it's not Tuesday, but tonight I'm making tacos. These fish tacos. Use a good white fish like cod or halibut, Make the socca, fry a good white fish (halibut or cod), add your fixings, squeeze a lot of lime and pair with a nice Bohemia beer or sparkling wine.

Eat more tacos and stay fancy,


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