🍳 Shuka-bom-bom
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🍳 Shuka-bom-bom

September 27, 2020

Hello fancies, it's my birthday this Tuesday. As such, it'd mean the world to me to share Fancy Mouth with one person. We're going to change home cooking one kitchen at a time 😀

Now, let's get into what to cook this week.



Shakshuka is great for breakfast (or any time of day). I love this recipe (source) as it uses those nightshade peppers (did you know that peppers grow at night?). The peppers will add a sweetness without adding sugar (you should run if someone adds sugar to shakshuka). I like my 'shuka' spicy, so I either add Fresno chile or crushed red pepper. I'm impatient, so I like to cover the pan with a lid to cook faster and make the eggs less runny. Serve with crusty sourdough bread--Middle Eastern food tastes SO much better with sourdough bread.


Momofuku Ramen Broth

I will eat whatever David Chang makes or recommends. The folks from The Full Measure show did this one up with Momofuku's ramen broth. This recipe will take a while. BUT if you like ramen then make a big batch of this and freeze for whenever you get a hankering for some fancy ramen. For a quicker, not-so-fancy ramen recipe, check out this gif recipe.


Baked potato and fish sticks

I loved fish sticks growing up--is it just me or was this an 80s/90s thing? This is a healthier and more delicious version (source). To be extra fancy, make with a remoulade (a dip with mayo, chopped pickles, capers, herbs, dijon, lemon juice) to serve on the side.

Stay hungry let's have a great week,


Ps. Do you have any cooking questions? Reply to this email. I'm here to help.