Side Dish 2: How to cut a watermelon
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Side Dish 2: How to cut a watermelon

We're in peak summer and I can't stop eating watermelon. Only thing is, I keep trying different methods to cut my melons and I end up wasting a bunch in the skin. Bummer.  I'm not saying to go as fast as the chef above but that knife technique is spectacular and  maximizes how much watermelon you can eat. Am I right?

My favorite way to eat watermelon (no recipe version):

Cut-up cold watermelon from the farmers market (support your local farmer) place in a bowl (or bucket in my case). Sprinkle over a hunk of French feta cheese (I like French feta because it's a lot creamier...there's a great brand called Valbreso if you bump into it). Throw on it some fresh mint, a drizzle of good olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Ba-boom! You now got your self a light dinner, side dish or even an afternoon snack. Don't like olive oil, mint and lemon juice? Watermelon and cheese is divine on its own. Give it a try.

Here are some other interesting watermelon recipes if your fridge is full of melons like mine (link).

Watch your fingers when you cut,