🦀 Crab and Fennel Linguine 🍝
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🦀 Crab and Fennel Linguine 🍝

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Crab and Fennel Linguine

Make this tonight. This is a fast and easy way to fill-up some bellies and take advantage of fennel coming to a market near you. If you don’t have crab, throw in some shrimps. The recipe does call for anchovy, though. You can leave out, but I don’t recommend it. Once those little anchovies hit the pan, they will disintegrate in the oil and have your wife saying: “Mmmmm, baby. This is SO good!”. In the cooking game, we call this a “secret ingredient”. Use it wisely. I’d pair this with an arugula salad with shaved parmesan and lemon vinaigrette. (Recipe source)

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