Best of the Best
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Best of the Best

First off, welcome to all the new subscribers! You made it πŸ˜€

What a wild week it's been. Whichever way the election swings, let's be sure to be safe and cook a lot of delicious and real food. No president can stop us from cooking. Have you made anything comforting this week? Reply back I need some inspiration.

Let's get into this week's Best of the Best.


Black Bean Soup with Avocados

Make this Sunday a soupy one with this spicy black bean soup with avocados. I love the idea of adding in some winter greens at the end to give you more fiber. Get the recipe here.


Mini Quiches

Recipe Tin Eats shows you how to make mini quiches 4 different ways. What's cool is you can mix and match whatever ingredients you have to make a delicious appetizer. Snack fancy this weekend while you watch TV and ponder where America is headed. Get the recipe here


Stir Fried Beef in Black Pepper Sauce

Thai food in LA is incredible. I've had stir-fried beef in black pepper sauce before but always thought it was made with magic or voodoo or something. This recipe from Taste of Thailand shows you how easy it is to make. Pair this with some brown jasmine rice and some rosΓ© and that's a delicious meal. Get the recipe here.


Sticky Honey Roast

Issa Grill shows you how to make a sticky honey roast from the anime Genshin Impact. Can Thanksgiving come any sooner? Get the recipe here

Have a great weekend, fancies


PS. I'm thinking of only going doing Fancy Mouth once per week. Reply to me if you want to see Fancy Mouth more than once a week and/or is there a theme you'd like to see? Anything I can improve upon?