Best of the Best -- September 25, 2020
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Best of the Best -- September 25, 2020

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Let's get into the Best of the Best this week:

Eggs Benedict Bake

While I'm not a fan of hollandaise, this is one of the best breakfast recipes of the week. To make this fancier, rip apart some overpriced sourdough bread, mix in some heavy cream (for half the milk), throw in some mushrooms and pancetta and top with some nice gruyere cheese (or feta). Use this recipe as a template and have at it.


Egg Fried Rice

Another great way to use up all those veggies and leftover rice from last night's Thai food take-out (I know you ordered in 😀). Fried rice is a great side dish with some good fish or make this for a main course.


BBQ Honey Chicken Wings

I love chicken wings (and so does the Internet). I'd make these different. Ditch the flour, keep the spices and add 2 tablespoons of baking powder (the baking powder will make the wings crispy without needing to fry. Trust me, it works). Make the glaze on the side and when the wings are done, drizzle and toss. Now those are some fancy wings.


Fresh Fruit Mochi

This may be my weekend food project--fresh fruit mochi. WOW !! Who knew how to make mochi? It looks easy enough, you have to find this sweet Japanese rice to make it though. I want to try this with figs or even some quince. Yum!

Keep it fancy this weekend,


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