Best of the Best -- October 9, 2020
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Best of the Best -- October 9, 2020

Hey there, you made it. It's been a long week. Sit back, relax, sip on some coffee and check out the Best of the Best gif recipes over the last week. Enjoy, you beautiful human!

#3 Korean Spicy Potatoes


These Korean spicy potatoes are incredible. I like how Nami Eats (source) braises the potatoes. Once the liquid is gone, these spicy potatoes are done. This would go great alongside some salmon/roasted chicken/broccolini

#2 Sourdough Cast Iron Pizza


This is an epic pizza. Cheese stuffed crust, sourdough dough, buffalo mozzarella. Wow! If you don't have patience for sourdough (ahem, like me) you can try a biga or poolish to give it that pre-fermentation that makes pizza so easy on the belly. My wife bought me a Roccbox and we've been experimenting a lot with poolish. Email me if you want my recipe! It's hella good.

#1 - Pork and Cheese Fried Cutlet


When the cook in the gif recipe picks up the slice of cutlet with the gooey cheese coming out, I can't help but shed a tear of joy. It's a work of art. This is why it's #1.

What are you cooking tonight?

Stay fancy,


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