Best of the Best -- October 2, 2020
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Best of the Best -- October 2, 2020

Welcome to all the new subscribers this week. You're about to live a little fancier from now on.

Let's get into the Best of the Best this week:


Korean Rice Balls

I love this recipe from Straight Up Eats. One thing's for sure: why are we not mixing more bacon with kimchi together? This is a fun way to use up leftovers and make a unique meal.


Vegan Banana Muffin

This banana muffin recipe is pretty spot on. It never occurred to me that you can omit the egg and add non-dairy milk to make a muffin. I'm more partial to walnuts than pecans, but that's me. If you want to save some time, I'd add some carob chips (for the vegan in you) or chocolate chips to the batter. Enjoy eating this with a nice cup of coffee!


Cheesy Chicken Mushroom Cups

The internet seems to like this one but I'm not sure about the flour before adding the ground chicken. If you know why they're doing this, email me back. I want to know. I would add some more herbs like parsley and even some diced jalapeƱos to the chicken mixture. I could see this recipe being a nice template for all sorts of fillings, mushrooms and cheeses. Have fun with this.


Tofu Satay with Peanut Sauce

My next goal in life is to learn how to make Thai food at home because I love it so much. I had no clue how easy this was to make. At least in California, you can find many of these ingredients in the grocery store. I'm also liking the marinated, baked tofu. Dab some Sriracha into the peanut mixture and you now have tofu satay at home.

Stay fancy ya'll,


Ps. Do you have any food or cooking questions? I'm here to help. Just reply above and send me a note. I want to hear from you.