As soon as you buy that wine...
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As soon as you buy that wine...

This is email Part 3 of 4 showcasing a recipe for the best selling foods of 2020 (according to Krogers). Check out Part 1 and Part 2.


Garlic White Wine Mussels

The fourth best selling food item of 2020, was Sauvignon Blanc White Wine. While too sweet for me, a good minerally Sauvignon (maybe a Sancerre?) can be an excellent pairing with some cheese, bread and butter. Or why not make some garlic white wine mussels. Dunk some sourdough bread or french fries in this and enjoy your winter in style.



Ps. The first person to respond to this email with the rest of the lyrics to the subject line, I'll send them a bottle of white wine (Contiguous US only).